About us

We at India, with a team of experience promoters and expert in respective field, are engaged in business of export since 2010. Our Main focus is to export agriculture products and spices of India. Our Main products are Spices, Some of Vegetables and Oil Seed and Grains.

We under the name of M/s SHREENATHJI OVERSEAS – A Partnership Firm have started the business of export in year 2010. Since 2010, we are exporting various agriculture products in Gulf Country on regular basis. We are also engaged in business with Various Asian Countries like China, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. With a view to more reliability and for the purpose of growth of business, the promoters have incorporated new company under the name SHREENATHJI AGRI EXPO PRIVATE LIMITED. The Status of Company will change from private limited company to Limited Liability Partnership and became SHREENATHJI AGRI EXPORT LLP.

More than 50 % of people in India are depended on agriculture activity in India. Since beginning it is the motto of company to boost up the life of person who is depended on the agriculture. At one way we try to managing the excess supply of agriculture product and on other side we try to maintain the shortage of some product by importing the product from other country. Since last 10 Years, though on very small scale, management is trying to balance the demand and supply of agriculture product by importing and exporting the agriculture product.